Valarie L. Chavez, Artist.

Though I was not born here, New Mexico has been my home since I was a very small child.  I love the culture, the landscape, the art, and of course, the food. 

Art is my passion.  I am an artist who dabbles in many different art mediuims, but I have found my niche in creating crosses from sticks and embellishing them with paints, fibers, beads, and unique finds.  They are like snowflakes - no one will ever be like another.  

I love that The Lord has blessed me with an eye to see the potential in fallen sticks, and even more that He has blessed me with the ability to turn them into a piece of art.  I enjoy collecting sticks with my grandchildren who have learned to appreciate nature and the beauty a dirty or muddy stick can hold once it is cleaned and given loving attention.

More often than not, I can be found in my Art Studio creating.  It is my sanctuary and I love spending time there. 


A portion of the money that I earn from the sale of my art goes back to the community.  I have a heart for cooking for and feeding the homeless.  I am honored that my family comes alongside me in this mission.  This is something we do together.

As well,  I am a member of an incredible group of women from Taos called "Hands & Hearts."  These women make beautiful knit and crochet items for donation.  As a member of this group, I use my crochet skills to make lap blankets which are distributed to cancer centers, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals.